Frequently asked Questions

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Basic Questions

Who are Flixmedia?
What is a MiniSite?
What is an INpage?
What is a Hotspot?
How does it work?
What do you need to do?
What is Flix360?
What are your other Content Products\Services ?
What reporting can I get?
How do you differ from your competitors?
What do you do with the data you collect from our site and how do we know what data you collect?
Can I choose to have just INpages and no MiniSites and vice versa?
How do we know what brands you cover ?
How do we know what languages you cover?
How do we know what content you cover for each brand in terms of asset type?
How do the Interactive Hotspots work?
Do you have hotspots available for all brands?
Are the hotspots always in the same place on the hero image?

Technical Questions

How to Integrate the code ?
What are the major advantages for going onto site wide automatic JavaScript?
We do not accept third party JavaScript on our sites, what other delivery methods are available?
How does the Flixmedia feed work?
Script Parameters
What if we don’t have the capability to pass the MPN\EAN dynamically ?
Can I use iFrames with the Flixmedia JavaScript code?
If I use automated JavaScript Code, why do I need Flix360 access?
Why do you need my feed?
Can I see what content and how much content is live on our product pages?
How long does it take to integrate the content?
Is the content mobile compatible and or optimised ?
If the integration of the script has a conflict with the layout of your block with our template, how do we address this problem?
How exactly shall we “autopopulate” parameters from our CMS system? Is there any manual? How does it work?

Flixmedia Reviews

Is the Flixmedia Shopper Reviews service free of charge for retailers?
What do I need to do to get Flixmedia Shopper Reviews?
In what languages do Flixmedia Shopper Reviews appear?
How do you gather these reviews? Will you collect them from retailer sites?
How will the reviews appear on retailer sites and do you have any demonstration or preview links?
Will Flixmedia Reviews show up under the Reviews tab on my product pages?
Are all syndicated Reviews manageable through a platform?

Search/SEO Questions

Does the Flixmedia service have a negative impact on SEO?
We want our content to be unique?
Can the content be modified?
If I take INpages I am duplicating the content I already have?

Integration Questions or Problems

What if Flixmedia does not have content for a particular page\product\MPN\EAN ?
It slows down my pages, some of the visuals take time to load - how can this be improved?
Can I display only some of the INpage? I already have an image gallery!
We are making our whole site accessible over which means that all are sources must be used with https. The call for the inpages cause errors. Can you make sure that the call over https is possible without errors?
How can I shorten the length of the INpages- they are too long and cause the shopper to miss the add to basket button?
What if I moved from http:// with https:// and still face issues with content appearing ?
How can I integrate your code on mobile if my site is not responsive

Legal\Security\Contingency\Contractual Questions

How safe is using the JavaScript code - you can publish anything surely ?
What contingency measures do you have to ensure content stays up when the servers go down?
Who is liable if inaccurate content is syndicated and a shopper complains ?

Other Questions

Does flixmedia code works if I don’t have a product page ?
How do I make the JS code work on Magento platform and google tag manager?
$( document).ready(function() {                                
 var product_mpn= jQuery('#product-attribute-specs-table').find('.label').each(function(){                              
varproduct_brand = jQuery('#product-attribute-specs-table').find('.label').each(function(){                              
var headID =document.getElementsByTagName("head")[0];                                
var flixScript= document.createElement('script');                              
 flixScript.type= 'text/javascript';                                
flixScript.src= '//';                                
flixScript.setAttribute('data-flix-language', {language_code});                              
flixScript.setAttribute('data-flix-brand', {brand});                              
flixScript.setAttribute('data-flix-ean', '{ean}');                              
flixScript.setAttribute('data-flix-mpn', {mpn});                              
flixScript.setAttribute('data-flix-inpage', 'flix-inpage');                              
flixScript.setAttribute('data-flix-price', '');                                
<div id="flix-minisite"></div>                                
<div id="flix-inpage"></div>
What if I don’t want to add our JS code and can’t supply flixmedia with a feed- how else can I receive the content content?
Can I have multiple MiniSites and INpages for different products on one product page syndicated automatically?
Can I edit any of the content before putting it live?
What sort of reporting is captured on our site
What brands and products are covered?
Will the flixmedia content affect my Site speed?
var s =document.createElement("script");                              
s.type ="text/javascript";                            
s.setAttribute("data-flix-distributor",{distributor_id}) ;                            
s.setAttribute("data-flix-brand","{brand_name}") ;                            
s.setAttribute("data-flix-mpn","{mpn}") ;                              
s.setAttribute("data-flix-sku","") ;                            
s.setAttribute("data-flix-button","flix-minisite") ;                            
s.setAttribute("data-flix-inpage","flix-inpage") ;                            
s.setAttribute("data-flix-button-image","") ;                            
s.setAttribute("data-flix-fallback-language","") ;                            
s.setAttribute("data-flix-price","") ;                            
<div id="flix-minisite"></div>                                
<div id="flix-inpage"></div>
What do you need from me to set it up for my website?
How does AB tests work?
Do I need to add additional code?
How long does the AB test take?
Which brands will you test on?
Do I need all 3 services to get an AB test? Or can I test with only one or 2?
Can you test with complementary content? (AMD, Windows)
Is Flixmedia code secure ?
Does Flixmedia track page impressions ?
Is there a possibility that Flixmedia can read the cookies the retailer put in themselves once the code is implemented.

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