Insights from your retail ecommerce channels

Create data driven strategies for your marketing campaigns, product launches with Traffic Source Dashboard.

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How are shoppers reaching your product pages?


Uncover which source types have the biggest impact on your bottom line by pinpointing high and low value sources of traffic across retailer sites.


Looking to track Impressions? Top performing products? Shopper Behaviour? across your retail ecommerce channel? We've got near-real-time insights in one dashboard.


Take action with a 360-degree understanding of your data and implement strategies for marketing campaigns, product launches and press releases to supercharge your conversions.

Turn your data into a conversion

What can you track?

Discover the channels and segments driving LTV from retailer site data


Track impressions by source to optimise your product strategy for different time periods and understand the impact of seasonality on purchase patterns

Strategy Insights

Which marketing channels yield the highest conversion? How are shopping behaviours changing over time? Answer critical questions about your products on retailer sites

Product Analytics

Ascertain your top product performers for each season, understand product performance across categories and assess the impact of new product launches on category performance.

Referral Mediums

Paid Campaigns, Search or Social media? Identify the referral mediums driving the highest product conversions and define the right acquisition strategy.

Country Comparisons

Optimise your regional marketing efforts by comparing trends across seasons and key countries for any date range.

Behavioural Insights

Understanding which device your shoppers use to consume your brand content can help you better understand their behaviour and help optimise your strategies.

You're in great company

Trusted by 100+ of the world's biggest brands to syndicate their voice across the largest global retailer network.

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