Our story

At Flixmedia, we exist to bring brands and retailers closer to their shoppers by offering a more informed and engaging shopper experience through data and innovative technologies. Flixmedia’s cloud-based content syndication platform operates 24/7 to support millions of product pages across over a thousand retailers in over 90 countries.

Our mission

We take huge pride in having the technical sophistication to accommodate a plethora of brand styles while also delivering content in a visually compelling way. Through many years of testing the effectiveness of the content we serve, we absolutely know that when premium brand content appears on a retailer page, the shopper is far more informed, engaged, and likely to buy…because experience matters!

Our core values

At Flixmedia, our culture is driven by the value we provide; we combine years of experience with our hunger for constant innovation within the e-commerce space.

Great People

We hire the best in the business. We work hard for each other and deliver great results across everything we do.

Awesome Products

We consistently create and expand our product suite with amazing products and experiences that perform for and delight our clients.

Constant Innovation

We are curious people who want to change the world with new ideas. We don't always know the answer, but the chances are, we are going to do our research and find out.

Speed & Scale

We love lean, iterative improvements as we build scalable solutions that are designed to conquer the world. We aim for more and embrace creativity when it comes to building our products and culture.

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