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Increase your Add-to Cart rates and magnify your brand presence with the world's leading content syndication provider.





Connect to Convert

We connect content from the world's largest brands to the largest retailer network on the planet through our innovative product suite.
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Stunning product detail pages

By providing shoppers with your feature-rich information across your retail ecommerce channel, we boost conversions and reduce product returns.


Want shoppers to convert faster?
INpages are syndicated in-line product experiences. Packed with every content format imaginable – from images to 3D and Augmented Reality experiences.

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Interactive product experiences sell more.
Hotspots educate your shoppers on key product features and benefits, securing an interaction where it matters – at the top of the page.

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Stunning product pop-ups launched at the touch of a button that deliver your brand message through a feature-rich window above the fold.

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Turbo-charge the shopper experience

Boost shopper confidence, increase Add-to-Cart rates, and stand out from your competition with interactive and compelling experiences.

Flix AR

Bridge the gap between the physical and the digital. Using our advanced Augmented Reality, your shoppers can explore the features that matter to them just like they would in a physical store.

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Flix A+

Need to upgrade your Amazon pages in minutes? Flix A+  helps boost conversions by up to 5% on Amazon. With magic resizing and multi-language support you can automate the process of uploading your A+ brand content today.

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Comparison Tables

Shoppers like to compare before they buy, quash moments of doubt by enabling shoppers to compare products side by side.

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89% of shoppers don't take action until they read reviews. Amplify the power of your existing shopper reviews across your retail ecommerce channel to drive your shoppers to action.

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Want to drive traffic to product detail pages?A stunning, customised brand kiosk on your site helps build shopper loyalty and enables your shoppers to explore product ranges.

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Measure performance and track metrics that matter

Our data suite powers your ecommerce and marketing strategies to open the door to data-driven decision-making.  Understand your content performance on a whole new level with insights into what really drives your bottom line.

Flix A/B Testing

Provide shoppers with an enhanced shopper experience. With brand-controlled visualisation, drive product range discovery and feature education for shoppers to decide which model is right for them.

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Measure Effect

Find out which products are performing best. Get near real-time insights into your syndication programme and understand your shopper traffic with Measure Effect.

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Flix Traffic

Where should you put your marketing spend?
Uncover high-or low-value streams of traffic and discover the right channels for allocating your marketing spend towards the highest profitability.

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You're in great company

Trusted by 100+ of the world's biggest brands to syndicate their voice across the largest global retailer network.

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