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(Last updated: January  2024)

Flixmedia Privacy Notice

1. Who are we?

Flixmedia Limited (“Company”, “we,”“our,” or “us”) is a company registered in England and Wales under registration number 05134871 and registered address of 650 Wharfedale Road, Winnersh Triangle, Wokingham, Berkshire, United Kingdom, RG41 5TP. We are the data controller for the purposes of this Privacy Notice. This Privacy Notice relates to Flixmedia with premises offering content syndication services. Flixmedia is part of the Advantage Smollan Group.

2. What is this Privacy Notice for?

This notice (“notice”) sets out how the Company uses, discloses, transfers and otherwise processes users’ personal data collected by communicating with Flixmedia electronically (e.g. email) or through their use of the Flixmedia website. It also describes how we use information collected from retailers’ websites, as outlined in section 12.

Please keep in mind that the information collected on a retailer website is subject to the retailer’s privacy practices. You are not required to provide all personal data identified in this notice; however, be advised that if you choose not to provide certain Personal Information, we may be unable to provide some or all of the services to you, and your ability to use the website or services may be limited.

When we refer to ‘personal data’ in this Privacy Notice it means any information that relates to you from which you can be identified. This Privacy Notice governs the processing of your personal data, so please read it carefully.

3. What Personal Data may we collect?

We may collect the following personal data about you through the Flixmedia website:

4. How we collect your data

Directly from You
We collect personal data you provide to us when you request services or information from us. Some areas of the website may require you to submit information, including personal data, to register for certain services or benefits, such as syndication services or when using the Flix360 or Measure Effect portal. We also collect your personal data when you sign up for our mailing and e-mail marketing lists, participate in a survey, contact us, or otherwise interact with our Site and Services.

When you use the Flixmedia website and Services
We and our service providers may collect information using analytics tools when you use our Site and Services such as Flix360 Manage Content and Measure Effect portals. These tools collect and store information about your interactions with our Sites and services. For details concerning the cookies and tracking technologies we use please read our Cookie Notice towards the end of this Notice.

5. How we use your data

We may use your personal data in the following ways:

6. Disclosure of your personal data

We may share your personal data with third parties in the following situations:

Organisation Name




To enable B2B contact regarding Flixmedia products and services

Frankfurt, DE / Paris, FRA

Microsoft O365

To manage B2B documents such as contracts, project plans



Flixmedia Product Users: To provide Flixmedia customers access to operational syndication systems - Flix360 portal



Flixmedia Product Users: To provide Flixmedia customers access to operational reporting system – Measure effect

Europe(Belgium, London) & US


Job application management.

UK, EU, USA, India

Resource Experience Limited and Advantage Smollan

Job application management.



Right to work verification.



To provide fastest streaming services to website users


To other third parties inline with applicable legal requirements

To comply with legal obligations that we are subject to.


7. Security

We take the security of our clients’ data very seriously and we use appropriate measures to protect all personal information collected in a secure, controlled environment consistent with data protection legislation.

8. International transfers

Flixmedia use some third parties who are based outside of the UK and so your personal data may be transferred internationally. Where your data is shared to a country outside of the UK, we will ensure that necessary arrangements are in place to provide appropriate safeguards for your information. These arrangements may involve the use of an Adequacy Decision, Standard Contractual Clauses, the UK International Data Transfer Agreement or other permitted mechanism.

9. Lawful basis for processing

The UK and EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requires that we must have a lawful basis when processing (using) your information. We may rely upon one of the following lawful bases for the processing that we undertake:

Lawful Basis

Relevant Processing Activity

The processing activity is carried out with your consent.

  • Placing cookies and other similar technologies on your device (subject to certain exceptions)

Placing cookies and other similar technologies on your device (subject to certain exceptions)

  • We will process your personal data in connection with the contract which you enter with us

The processing activity is necessary for the performance of a contract

  • To further our marketing activities and to help spread awareness of Flixmedia and our services.
  • Sending marketing communications to you.
  • To ensure that we are providing you with quality services and to allow us to improve our services where possible.
  • To enable business management and forecasting.
  • To process general enquiries.

The processing activity is necessary for the performance of a contract

  • We may need to process your personal data to comply with relevant laws, regulatory requirements and to respond to lawful requests, court orders and legal process.

10. Data Retention

We will only retain your personal data for as long as we require the personal data in connection with the purposes set out in this Privacy Notice, except where we are required, or permitted, under applicable law, to retain your personal data for additional periods of time.

11. Business to Business Marketing

As a part of our marketing practice, we make unsolicited contact with companies, including individual employees of such company, by telephone or email to inform them of our services that could result in a mutual commercial interest. We obtain the contact details for such companies and its employees from public information including company websites, business and social media, sector news and industry conferences. We also may have obtained such contact details directly from you or your company if you or your company have previously contacted us using a corporate phone number or corporate email address. Any personal data collected and processed for our business-to-business marketing practice as detailed herein is done so pursuant to our legitimate interest to market our services to you.

12. Information for Retailer Website Visitors

Our services involve offering content syndication on brands’ content and displaying this on retailer websites. In order to measure the effectiveness of our content syndication, we may place our cookie and other similar technology on your device when you use the retailer’s website. The technology will stay on your device for the duration of the session and collects the following information:

We keep your IP address for 30 days and keep all other information, which does not identify you, for 25 months. We only use this information to measure the effectiveness of the content shown to you and for business continuity. None of the information collected can identify you as an individual, nor can it be used to create a profile to help identify you as an individual.

The information collected will be shared with the following third parties:

13. Your Data Protection Rights

Under data protection law, you have the following rights in relation to your personal data:

If you wish to exercise any of the rights listed in this section, please select this LINK and complete the online form. We may also need to ask you for further information to verify your identity before we can respond to any request.

14. Change to our Privacy Notice

If we change this Privacy Notice, we will let you know about the changes by publishing the updated version on our website: We are committed to protecting and respecting your privacy and will continue to do so in any future changes we make to this Privacy Notice.

15. Contact

Questions, comments or requests regarding this Privacy Notice or any of our processing should be made to our Data Protection Officer. Our Data Protection Officer can be contacted by completing the form available via this LINK or post at: Data Privacy, 14 – 16 Well Court, Farringdon Lane, London, EC1R 3AU, UK.

For EU individuals, Flixmedia has an EU representative, based in The Netherlands, who can also be contacted via this LINK.

15. The right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority

The right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority You have the right to complain to your supervisory authority. For individuals based in the UK, this is the Information Commissioners Office who you can contact by following this link:  

Flixmedia’s Cookies and Similar Technology placed on Retailer Websites

As part of our services, we may place Cookies and Similar Technology, on the devices of shoppers visiting the website of retailers which display our content syndication. The Cookies and Similar Technology do the following:

Cookie Category


Consent required under  Privacy Laws

Cookie Duration


Retailer Partner Responsibility

Flix Responsibility


Analytical /Performance/ Targeting


Dependent on Retail Partner cookie laws


This creates a unique visitor ID within Flixmedia network (GVID). This cookie is set on the visitor device for the duration of the session. The GVID is used to track the website visitor’s interactions with Flixmedia’s content and to improve the shopper experience

(i) Provide your website visitors with notice of the  Similar Technology  in your privacy and/or cookie notice, including the relevant information  listed in this table;
(ii) Maintain a mechanism for obtaining and  recording the consent of website visitors prior to the placement of the Similar Technology,  where required, as well as a mechanism to withdraw or refuse consent, and  make records of consent available to Flixmedia upon its reasonable request;  and
(iii) Comply with applicable Data Protection Laws

(i)Comply with all Data ProtectionLaws; and
Personal Data received from Similar Technology


Logging Script processed by Flixmedia and Retail Partner:

Script Name

Logging Category

What information is stored

Consent required under Privacy Laws


Retail Partner Responsibility

Flix Responsibility



Content delivery performance

-Visitor IP address, -Visitor GVID
-Visitor local time,
-Whether visitor has interacted with Flix content
-Whether visitor had seen top of inpage, middle-of-inpage or bottom-of-inpage -Add to basket clicks (not all retailers) -Visitor browser agent (can be used to infer - operating system, and occasionally the actual device model)
-Visitor time spent on the page (only if we syndicate content on that page)
-Whether the visitor has seen the syndicated content on the page

Dependent on Retail Partner cookie laws

The script logs the requests made and the responses provided to report on content delivery performance. Such reports include: visitor device traffic analysis, consumption of content, reports on interaction of visitors with the content traffic analysis (by visitor region) and to improve content delivery performance.

(i) Provide your website visitors  with notice of the Similar  Technology in your privacy and/or cookie notice, including the  relevant information listed in this table;  
(ii) Maintain a mechanism for  obtaining and recording the consent of website visitors prior to the  placement of the Similar Technology, where required, as well as a mechanism to withdraw or  refuse consent, and make records of consent available to Flixmedia upon its  reasonable request; and  
(iii) Comply with applicable Data Protection  Laws    

(i)Comply with applicable Data  Protection Laws  (ii)Process Data received from Similar Technology

Visitor IP address retained up to 30 days.  

All other attributes are retained up to 25 months.

As above

Content usage & optimisation

Same as above


The script also logs the usage of rich content ex: image gallery, video gallery, call to action (CTA) button clicks, navigation buttons, anchor links interactions. Reports provided on product interactions.

As above

As above

As above

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