Case Study: How User-Generated Content Boosted Add-To-Cart Rates

August 22, 2022

Does the way you showcase content below the fold on a retailer site affect the Add-to-Cart rate? The short answer – it absolutely does! 

We don’t believe in guesswork to maximise conversions and we don’t believe our clients should rely on it either. That’s why our Shopper Insights & Optimisation team are dedicated to finding the perfect solution for your e-commerce channels through testing. We believe A/B testing is the key to continuously optimising your product detail pages for an engaging and seamless shopping experience.

A typical A/B test compares two different variables, in our case usually on an e-commerce website or product detail page. This could take the form of placement of rich media, different utilisations of our innovative product suite, or even simple text and image options. Sounds straightforward, right?

It might shock you to know that only 44% of businesses A/B test regularly, meaning they are leaving money on the table every single day! Yet, particularly for conversion rate optimisation, A/B testing can have a huge impact. In fact, a survey of over 2,500 marketers by Venture Beat highlighted that conversion rate optimisation remains a must-do practice for any brand aspiring to success and growth. 

It is because of this that we recently worked with one of the world’s largest toy manufacturers on a content syndication experiment. The test question? Does the way you showcase content below the fold on a retailer site affect the Add-to-Cart rate? 

One of our most popular products is INpages. INpages are syndicated in-line product experiences packed with every content format imaginable, from images to 3D and Augmented Reality experiences. INpages help to create enhanced desktop and mobile shopper experiences, impressive cart conversion rates, and reduced returns thanks to better-informed purchases.

Alongside our client, we developed a number of INpages designs that combined a number of rich media elements, including high-quality images and videos as well as user-generated content (UGC) such as Instagram posts. 

The first template (A) did not include any UGC and was used as a control design. The second (B) placed UGC content at the top of the INpage, whilst the third (C) template placed the same UGC content at the bottom of the page.

We tested each of these templates across 23 individual products on a sample of 5 retailers within the UK, Australia and New Zealand over the months of September and November in 2021.

The tests were conducted at an individual consumer impression level in an A/B/C format. This meant that we were able to test our default template (A) vs Template B, vs Template C.

From our extensive A/B/C test, we found that UGC placed at the top of the INpages boosted Add-to-Cart rates by 5.07% compared to INpage templates that do not feature any UGC.

We also found that the INpages template with UGC placed at the top performed 7.84%* better than templates that showcased UGC at the bottom of the template.

So what have we learnt?

In essence, the placement of rich media on your product detail pages (PDP) has a direct impact on Add-to-Cart rates and thus your revenue.

In many industries such as the competitive toys industry, small margins can make a big difference. From boosting Add-to-Cart rates to decreasing product return rates, it all matters!

Regularly testing and evaluating the performance of your e-commerce channels is essential to success in 2022 and beyond. 

Flixmedia’s content syndication product suite allows you to syndicate your stunning brand content across your retail e-commerce channel with ease and helps you stand head and shoulders above your competition. 

Furthermore, syndicating uniform content will amplify your brand voice across retailers. This ensures that your shoppers enjoy a consistent experience whenever they interact with your brand or product. 

By providing rich content at the point of sale, they have all the information they need to confidently make a purchase, saving hours or even days of research. It’s also a win-win for you and your shoppers! 

As proven by the above A/B/C test, with the right content served at the right time, turning browsers into buyers can be a piece of cake!

Toy brands that don't want to get left behind should create rich experiences in 2022. 

Realise lost revenue and get started with your content syndication journey today, and make the most of our global retailer network!

*The methodology used here can be provided on request.

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