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on the Table!

Join some of the world's biggest brands including Lego and Mattel on retailers like Smyths and FNAC today.

Small margins can have a great impact on the toys industry – from boosting Add-to-Cart rates to decreasing product return rates, it all matters!

Utilising the Flixmedia product suite will allow you to:
  • Boost your Add-to-Cart rates by up to 15.4%
  • Benefit from our global retailer network and reach millions of shoppers
  • Enjoy consistent brand messaging across your e-commerce channels
  • Stand head and shoulders above your competition
"With Flix A+'s help, we were able to save at least 702 hours of manual work and have the content properly syndicated to Amazon. This wasn't only for creative purposes, content syndication was also to help consumers understand the product better with our own content, and eventually convert them to purchase products.
We would like to continue have the A+ content syndicated from our website to Amazon across geographies."
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