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Brands know more engaged customers translates into better sales. Flixmedia helps our brand partners’ rich content go further and reach more customers in more countries.


Look good

It can be very challenging to get your carefully honed product messaging and assets onto retailer product pages for many reasons – lack of resource on both sides, rigorous technical requirements, scope for human error. Use Flixmedia’s content syndication service to achieve the best possible brand consistency across the thousands of retailers in our Global Shopper Network.


Increase sales

We’ve worked with some of the world’s biggest brands for over 10 years and continue to see empirical evidence that confirms that rich content boosts Add-to-Cart and conversion rates. When shoppers can easily find all the information they need to make informed purchase decisions, they are more likely to buy. Simple. In fact, retailer tests have shown that Flixmedia’s content syndication service boosts conversion by up to 27.96%.


Save time

Who has time to manually send digital content to retailers and then audit each product page on each retailer website to make sure it’s executed as per your requirements? Make new product launches quicker and easier by using Flixmedia to automatically syndicate digital content directly onto retailer product pages. And with a daily update feed, you can be certain the latest information is always showing.


Satisfy shoppers

You spend a lot of time, money and effort carefully crafting your key product features, messaging and assets because you know that the more informed shoppers are, the more likely they are to buy. Use Flixmedia’s syndication service to improve the shopper experience on your retail partner websites by syndicating your content directly onto their product pages to answer shoppers’ queries right then and there.

> why Flixmedia <

With over 2bn* shoppers visiting our Global Shopper Network each year, that’s a seriously big shop window. Make sure your online “window” looks its absolute best to turn browsers into shoppers. We have worked with some of the world’s biggest brands since we started out in 2005.

Our brand partners choose Flixmedia because they want one single content syndication provider with a genuinely global reach. Because they want tailored premium content layouts instead of a ‘one-size-fits-all’ template. They stay with us because of our far superior content capability, high quality service and unyielding customer focus. And even the small number of customers who have been seduced away to competitors typically come back to us within 12-18 months. Our customer retention rate speaks for itself.


Deliver globally

We understand that most big brands want a single international provider for content syndication. We have extensive coverage globally and manage programmes for some of our biggest customers covering 40-60 countries. In fact, some of the biggest retailers have even selected us as their Exclusive or Preferred Partner for content syndication.






*unique visitors each year

Delight shoppers

Brands put a lot into developing increasingly engaging rich content for their products. We offer far more than just a limited number of standard ‘one-size-fits-all’ templates. We work closely with you to ensure that your increasingly complex content can be easily and automatically syndicated to your retail partners so your customers get the same stunning effect, surpassing the capabilities of many other content suppliers.


Partner for success

Your success is our success. We have a true partnership mentality and work very closely with our brand partners to develop new and existing services to fit evolving needs and to proactively flag new insights and opportunities. In fact, some of our recent innovations have come about in collaboration with brand and retail partners.


Unlock insights

Our powerful analytics platform lets you track content distribution, measure performance and unlock valuable insights to optimise your content syndication program and drive increased sales. You can view multiple metrics and dashboards directly on our user-friendly platform or export to include in your presentations. We also offer A/B testing to measure the impact of our content syndication services.

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Brands often have lots of questions about our services, e.g. where and how does Flixmedia source my content? Contact our Sales Team to get quick answers to your queries or to get a copy of our FAQs.

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