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A/B Testing

Get access to shopper insights and optimise your content for increased Add-to-Cart rates





Optimise your content for increased Add-to-Cart rates

Rich content

Conversion-boosting rich content available at the point of purchase


Optimise cart conversion impact by trialling new iterations of content and design


Quantify the impact by measuring brand-rich media content with a proven ROI

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Flix A/B Testing operates with flexibility and scale

On/Off Test

Measure the impact of Flixmedia services by switching them on and off


Split Test

Compare two webpage templates against one another to determine which one delivers the best outcome

Multivariate Test

Trial three variations of webpage templates against one another to determine which ones delivers maximum conversions


Why Flixmedia?

With over 17 years of experience we deliver an unrivaled shopper experience proven to perform
across the largest retailer network in the world.

Increase Engagement

Increase product engagement across our network of retailers, reaching millions of shoppers every single day.

Supercharge your conversions

Leverage our product suite to increase conversions across your retail ecommerce channel.

Reduce product returns

40% of shoppers returned online purchases due to lack of product information (Google study, 2020) with the power of content help shoppers make better decisions and reduce product returns.

Actionable Analytics

Gain valuable insights and validate product performance with essential metrics from the Flixmedia retailer network.

End to End Expertise

You're in safe hands, our Operations experts make the onboarding and delivery of all your experiences a breeze.

Network Reach

With the strongest retailer network on the planet, ensure your content grabs the attention of millions of shoppers.

You're in great company

Trusted by 100+ of the world's biggest brands to syndicate their voice across the largest global retailer network.

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