Boost your SEO: How Flixmedia Services Elevate Page One Rankings by Up to 81%

At Flixmedia, we excel in delivering rich, impactful content through our cloud-based platform to a global network of retailers. Not only do our content syndication services boost conversions by an average of 27%, but they also significantly enhance search engine visibility. Eager to quantify the impact of our services on SEO, especially on first-page rankings on search engines like Google and Bing, we initiated a detailed study.

Partnering with the leading SEO Experts from NOVOS

In collaboration with NOVOS, one of the UK’s largest e-commerce SEO agencies, we set out to measure how our INpage content influences SEO rankings for leading retailers. Our comprehensive study revealed an impressive boost in keyword rankings—up to 81%—with minimal impact on page load speeds. This balance is crucial as it allows Flixmedia to not only attract more visitors but also enhance their shopping experience with engaging branded content.

In-Depth Analysis: The Numbers Speak Volumes

Our partner, NOVOS, meticulously analysed the SEO performance of 19,000 URLs from major retailers. The focus was clear: to establish the impact of Flixmedia INpages on these retailers’ keyword rankings compared to pages without our content. The findings were striking—immediate and significant increases in keyword rankings by up to 81%.

Long-Term Benefits and Ongoing Research

Furthermore, Flixmedia is dedicated to understanding the sustained effects of our INpage content. A longitudinal study comparing year-on-year keyword performance from October 2022 to October 2023 for pages with and without Flixmedia content showed a substantial long-term increase in keyword rankings by 71%.  (We will continue to run tests to achieve statistical significance).

Our commitment to continuous improvement and validation ensures that our strategies remain effective and advantageous for our clients.

You can download the case study here.

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