Reaching mobile shoppers with interactive content boosts conversion by 7.25%

M-commerce revenue is already higher than desktop in APAC and MEA

In 2022 mobile commerce accounted for nearly two thirds (65.7%) of all global e-commerce retail sales. Asia Pacific led the way regionally, where mobile sales represented about eight out of every ten digital sales. In addition, within Flixmedia’s global network of over 1,600 retailers, mobile already accounts for over 42% of global traffic where, compared to desktop, we also observe a higher conversion rate from mobile devices.

It is therefore critical that rich content, including feature imagery and video, be designed in a mobile-first fashion, and delivered in an optimal way to suit the unique, intuitive mobile user experience. Content needs to look stunning in portrait layout on a smaller screen, while also being super-light to ensure a fast load while browsing via mobile data.

We know that wherever we can deliver brand messaging and product features, we can help our partners capture shopper attention, increase buying confidence, and ultimately boost conversion rates. While we already deliver content to mobile devices via our flagship INpage service, we saw an opportunity to increase the visibility of our brands’ content specifically on mobile:

Introducing Mobile Hotspots

Mobile Hotspots deliver a beautiful mobile user experience on the first view of a page, allowing shoppers to intuitively engage with interactive buttons packed with stunning brand content, including lightweight but high-resolution feature imagery and videos.

Flixmedia’s in-house design team have carefully crafted a range of Mobile Hotspot visualisations that can fit seamlessly into a retailer’s mobile website, customised to each site’s colour scheme. Brand content can be expanded in a modal view without taking the shopper off the page, and can be dismissed by gesture or close. Mobile Hotspots can showcase up to three content types which we know drive the most interest and impact: Features, Video and Specifications, each with their own button.

Improved mobile UX drives improved mobile CVR by 7.25%

Working closely with two pilot brand partners on a rigorous A/B test during April 2023, we observed an impressive 7.25% uplift in Add-to-Cart rate:

The A/B test was conducted on a sample of more than 50,000 visitors, including 40 products, 2 brands, and 4 retailers across 2 countries. Our proprietary testing platform splits traffic between competing versions of a webpage: (A) Mobile Hotspots hidden (B) Mobile Hotspots visible. Comparing the ATC rates of each group provides us with compelling, empiric proof that the addition of Mobile Hotspots to retailer product pages drives an uptick in cart conversion (statistical confidence: 95.28%).

The increased conversion rates are directly correlated to an improved experience, with some retailers reporting an up to 28% click-through rate on the Mobile Hotspots. This gives us confidence that the Hotspots are in a prime location in which to capture shopper attention.

Mobile shoppers represent a growing yet underserved segment of the omni-channel audience.

Innovate now to engage with your mobile audience.

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