Case study: Official brand content proven to boost Add-to-Cart rates for pure-play e-retailers by 5.7%

August 18, 2023

Here at Flixmedia, we help our retailer network optimise the decision-making process. We use our A/B testing platform to measure the impact of one variant to optimise and improve the shopper experience. That is why we use our proprietary A/B testing platform to gauge the best way to improve Add-to-Cart rates.

A/B testing for pure-play retailers

We worked with three large pure-play retailers in France and Italy to test the impact of branded rich content on Add-to-Cart rates.

The A/B test involved 19 products of 9 global consumer electronics brands in multiple regions between November 2021 and January 2022. We tested two different product detail pages (PDPs) to identify which page encouraged more users to the Add-to-Cart rate, with and without branded rich content.

We utilised our most popular product: INpages, a syndicated in-line product experience packed with every content format imaginable, from detailed images to high-quality videos. They help to create enhanced desktop and mobile shopper experiences, increasing Add-to-Cart rates, and reduced returns thanks to better-informed purchases.

The A/B test results

We tested the impact of INpages on PDPs of 19 products from 9 global consumer electronics brands in multiple regions.

Our A/B test identified a 5.69% increase in the Add-to-Cart rate when an INpage has been integrated on a PDP.

So what does this mean for you?

Many pure-play retailers know small differences in Add-to-Cart rates can lead to enormous gains in bottom-line sales. Retailers spend huge amounts on resources to drive shoppers to their pages and produce content specifically for their PDPs.

Here at Flixmedia we’ll take care of your brand voice on PDPs, by automatically and effortlessly delivering brand content experiences with INpages. This will allow retailers to focus on other areas of improvement and content production. Retailers will also benefit from an incremental Add-to-Cart rate uplift and increased revenue as your shoppers will have all the information they need to confidently make a purchase, saving hours or even days of research.

It’s a win-win for both you and your shoppers.

Joining Flixmedia’s industry-leading retailer network allows pure-play retailers to benefit from brand syndicated rich content on their websites. Helping you provide engaging and immersive shopping experiences to shoppers.

*The methodology used here can be provided on request.

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