Black Friday 2021 In Numbers

April 7, 2022


Phew 😅

Another massive Black Friday is over and we could not syndicate content across the world for the biggest brands without our world-class team.

We are so proud of the Flixmedia family for pulling together and working around the clock to create the best Black Friday possible for our clients.

This year, we helped some of the world's biggest brands sell over £400m worth of stock, syndicating over 941 million pieces of content across our retailer network!

On the largest (and most important) shopping day of the year, brands and retailers trusted Flixmedia to deliver, and this year content syndicated by us contributed to over 1.7m Add-to-Carts and over 29 million sessions too!

What were the top-performing product categories?

In 2020, Computing and Gaming were the biggest winners as we endured lockdown and had to keep ourselves occupied!

Interestingly, this year we have a new set of winners, including TVs, smartphones and toys!

We are on a mission to turn browsers into buyers so witnessing the effect of rich media and effective content syndication to Add-to-Carts is incredibly important to us. 

Surprisingly enough, when looking at top categories by the number of Add-to-Carts, toys, washing machines and TVs come out on top. 

This proves that once again effective content syndication can have a huge impact on a brand’s bottom line, driving more sales year on year.

What were the top-performing regions?

Our 1,600+ retailer network spans the length and breadth of the planet, and during Black Friday 2021, Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) came out on top as the big winner with over 335 million sessions across the month of November!


Scroll down for our key highlights from the EMEA region:

  • 1.2 million Add-to-Carts across Black Friday
  • Over 240 million impressions for INpages alone
  • The UK performed best with over 60 million sessions, with France and Russia slightly behind with 52 million and 51 million respectively
  • Kids’ tablets had the highest Add-to-Cart rate at 18.7%! 

North America

Scroll down for our key highlights from North America:

  • Over 58 million sessions across November
  • 34.9 million impressions for INpages and over 13 million for MiniSites
  • TVs were the best performing at 11.2 million sessions – almost double that of computers, and triple fridge-freezers!
  • Cleaning products interestingly boasted the best Add-to-Cart rate, at over 12%!
  • Washing machines in North America saw the biggest YoY increase with over 1.2 million sessions

Latin America

Scroll down for our key highlights from Latin America:

  • Mobiles and smartphones performed best in LatAm with over 13 million sessions across Black Friday
  • Tools accessories saw the best Add-to-Cart rate at over 20%!
  • Retailers Coppel and Liverpool in Mexico were standout winners with over 6.5 million combined sessions across Black Friday
  • Computing accessories saw the biggest YoY increase of any category in 2021
  • LatAm outperformed North America in INpages impressions by more than 1.5 million impressions!


Scroll down for our key highlights from APAC:

  • TVs, toys and computers were the biggest winners in APAC with 5 million, 4 million and 3 million impressions respectively across Black Friday
  • Cleaning products and baby feeding products had the strongest Add-to-Cart rates with 15.6% and 12.5% respectively
  • The toys category saw the biggest YoY increase in APAC with over 750,000 sessions across Black Friday
  • Traffic from Australia outstripped any other country in the region by 5 times!
  • APAC saw a 21.9% increase in Add-to-Carts across Black Friday between 2020 and 2021

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