> content is king <

Brands know better content translates into more engaged shoppers, which translates into better sales. As our brands work hard to build ever more engaging rich content, Flixmedia works hard alongside you to syndicate that ever more complex content to your retail partners in our Global Shopper Network.


More engaged


Better brand


Less internal


Up to 27.96% higher
conversion rate

> letting shoppers try before they buy <

With hundreds of retailers connected across 40 countries, Point and Place is a revolutionary Augmented Reality Shopping Platform that engages and educates shoppers like never before. Available on iOS and Android devices, it reduces the 'Imagination Gap' for shoppers when buying online. Allow shoppers to place TVs, dishwashers, fridges, printers, laptops and hundreds of other products in their own home to speed up the decision-making process and reduce product returns.

> 3 core types of content syndication <


Delivered in-line, directly in the retailer product page, just below the hero image and retailer’s own content. All of this rich content is syndicated automatically within a template designed with you, our brand partner.



Pop-up windows with tabs, accessed by clicking on a button on the retailer product page. Again, within a template designed in collaboration with you.



Clickable, interactive buttons directly on your ‘hero’ product image – the most visible part of the page – to demonstrate key product features and benefits to shoppers.


> more than the average <

We also offer a host of other syndicated content, e.g. video, comparison tables, product reviews, CGi assets, 360 degree spins.

See some examples below.

> no worries <

Our clever bunch of in-house developers have even devised smart ways to ensure that this rich content generally loads within 1 second on the retailer’s website, namely by compressing the content and using lazy loading.

On top of that, syndicated content is SEO-neutral. According to award-winning search marketing agency, Red Hot Penny, search engines such as Google penalise spammy behaviour but actively encourage activity that provides users with an enhanced user experience. Therefore, syndicated content does not result in ‘duplicate content’ penalties. In fact, it helps drive product engagement and conversion, both of which are vital indirect organic ranking signals.

Our brand and retail partners often have lots more questions about our services. Contact our Sales Team to get quick answers to your queries or to get a copy of our FAQs.

Contact our Sales Team

> our intuitive online portal also offers<

Manage Content

A digital asset library where your partners (retailers, resellers, press, agencies) can access and download your digital content. Some of our brand partners even use it as an internal communication platform to showcase best practice and share campaigns. You can also push manual changes to your syndicated content, which will automatically update on the product pages of your partner retailers within the day.

Measure Effect

A reporting dashboard where you can track metrics like Unique Visitors, Coverage, Shopper Impressions and Interactions across your syndication network. Filter and compare results on multiple levels to get the insights you need. The data is presented in intuitive, easy-to-digest visual graphs and charts, making complex analyses very straightforward.


Access easily
for free






Download bulk
or individual




Filter &


Visualise graphs
& charts


Easily export

> no-one does it better <

Our Customer Relationship Managers and Priority Support team are here to make sure you get the most out of these tools. All of our brand partners receive full training during onboarding, have regular status updates from their Customer Relationship Managers and have access to Priority Support in the event of any issues.

And with a truly international team hailing from 20 countries and speaking 30 languages, you can rest assured that language or cultural barriers won’t ever get in the way.